Namaste' and Welcome To FloatEssence....
A safe and sacred oasis for Self In-ploration and Healing. I offer various Alternative Therapeutic Modalities and Spiritually-based practices that open a person to the latent and often inaccessible
and unknown energies that are alive, present and conscious within one's own being.
FLOATESSENCE Therapy is designed for those seeking a sense of well-being in this world,
deep inner peace and a higher knowledge of One-Self that far transcends the ordinary
and goes way beyond the limiting and mundane perspective of every-day existence. 
The Heart of FLOATESSENCE Therapy is, of course,The Personal Salt Water Spa, in which a person "Floats" in a 100% Super-Saturated Epsom Salt solution, heated to outer skin temperature.
This buoyancy and warmth promotes a gentle, gravity-free experience which enables the body and the mind to withdraw safely, fully and completely from all external, and quite often, harmful environmental stimulations and sensory inputs.
Floating is a profoundly restful and naturally healing state of BE-ing...simply being.
This extra-ordinary state of Floating and Floatation Therapy, initiates a process of Positive and Powerfull Self-Transformation that touches, encompasses, and affects all levels of one's Life
and Being; physiololgical-biological, emotional, intellectual, transpersonal and spiritual.    
I extend blessings, peace and blissfullness to you,
who choose to open to  and experience 
the awesome and miraculous
Non-Ordinary-States-Of- Consciousness,
That Is ...
Please check  back again
for new updates and information to my website.
There is so much more yet to be!
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